The Rocket

I was living inside a world where my position is not at the bottom and not on the top. But I was once living at the bottom and looking at the star on the sky.

“I want to be there.”

Then there is a rocket came to me and invited me to get in. The rocket will help me to reach at the star. I was so happy at first.

“Finally I will be able to see the star real close.”

When I was inside the rocket, my whole world changed. My emotion, my physical and my mental became weaker. I don’t know how it happened. I keep on crying. I keep on being tired. I keep on getting stress with people. I hate this situation. I’m getting softer and I realize it.

Now, when I almost reach the star, other people inside the rocket suggest to kicks me off the rocket. They silently say that I’m not suitable and available to be with the other star.

“You don’t show your passion to be there. You don’t perform much to be along with the stars.”

But, I’m still here inside the rocket. Thinking either they will kick me or let me stay with the stars again or not.