I'm Out Of The Rocket

After been discussing with a lots of people and the captain, finally they make a decision to kick me from the rocket. Well to be really fucking freaking honest, I was sad and disappointed really much but yeah I know there is something more and more great waiting ahead.

I keep asking myself why they kick me? Why? Then they told me that "You're good but there are more people can do better." I see, I'm not capable to be with them, and I know, and I realized. Thank you for making everything clear. From the very beginning they tried to kick me but now they can do that. I should look at the mirror and reflects myself. I do make a lot of mistake and I realize I have incredible big issues with them and they have right to kick me out.

Now, I'm no longer on the rocket. When I put my foot on the earth again, I know something great will happen to me. I can breath again. I'm no longer grasping in the air waiting for people to help me. I'll be free. Yet, it is so sad when people kick me out from the rocket because I can't be as good as the others. But, FUCK IT. I AM FREE NOW !

Thanks God. I know Allah is the best planner and I trust His Plan :)