Whole Damn Month

No class, no assignment, no mess for a month because damn it is semester break.

And now, after a month, I gotta get back to a stressful ocean to drown myself with messy things around me. I gotta get back to UITM ARAU, PERLIS and do you know how fucking far that place from my hometown? - 8 hours destination on road you know. I don't want to get back to Arau. Nooooo.

And after the accident involving the 'rocket', it is actually make me happy and calm a little bit, but what makes me feel trouble is to see the new members inside the 'rocket'. And my friends, who finally got a chance to be stars; I'm proud for them even it is hurt to be honest but I gotta be strong you know.

And actually, I lack of confidence myself but you know fuck it let rock the world. This new semester schedule is so fucking pack and damn suffocating. I almost die seeing the schedule for the first time. Like damn. Every day; from Monday to Friday class start on 8 am and there is one day that the class ended on 6.30 pm. Oh My God T_T