2 0 1 4 - Welcome To My Life

A S S A L A M M U A L A I K U M :)

Hai y'all. Que tal? Am I too late to wish Happy New Year? Hehe. Sorry guys. I am too lazy to post any entry all this time. Ehh?

So. My life so far is kinda 'normal'? Haha. ya, fucking normal.  Hurmmm. 28/12/13 haritu, Tiqa ada pergi Bagan Lalang with my family. I have to say that place is no fun at all but all the memories with my family are most precious things for me. Okay we've grilled a lot of fishes and chickens at the beach and took a late night swim in the pool. Yeah. So much fun huh? Okay. Itu benda dah berlalu.

So. 1/1/2014. I am so disappointed that actually that day I forgot that day is Colin Morgan's birthday. Huaaaaaa. Hehehe. *cleared throat* Who cares actually? Hehe. just kidding. So, new year huh?
But that day I dont feel nothing pun. Just feel so scared as now Tiqa dah 17 years old and that means I kena take SPM exam this year. Ahhhhhhh !

2/1/2014 - Today. First day of school. Yeahhhh. Damnn. A lot of things happen today. Got early to school today like always. And then arrange a lot of preparation for the perhimpunan. So tired. Got to run sana sini b'cause a lot of things need to do. Ehhh. Today Tiqa yang baca ikrar on the stage tau. Hehe. Proud :)

Then back to the class. Tempat Tiqa when I were in form 4 dah kena stole. Before this Tiqa duduk kat front of the class but this year, I 've to change my kedudukan dalam kelas. I have to sit at the back of the class. Hehe. Lepas ni mesti kena label pelajar nakal dalam kelas. Ehhhh? Hahahaha. Tiqa memang nakal punnn.

Okay. So that's all for today. I know banyak benda yang Tiqa tak cerita but I really want to tell you guys. But, tbh itu sahaja my mood untuk cerita sekarang. Jajajaja. K. Gotta go.

Semoga tahun ini kita akan lebihkan ibadah dalam hidup kita dan semoga tahun ini memberikan kita lebih banyak sweet memories antara kita dan Allah. In Shaa Allah. Banyakkan ibadah, In Shaa Allah tahun ini akan lebih diredhai.

Hey. I got something. IDK why this 'thing' keep coming in my mind. I dont know either you've read this or not.

Andai kita berjaya dalam SPM belum tentu kita berjaya dalam kehidupan. Andai kita gagal dalam SPM belum tentu kita gagal juga dalam kehidupan. Tapi andai kita gagal untuk laksanakan ibadah kepada Allah sudah pasti kita gagal untuk mendapat keberkatan daripada Allah.
Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal. I've gotta go. Love you guys :)