Once upon a time, there was a very wonderful, smart, beautiful and charming goddess girl and the name given to her by her parents was Noratiqah. She was born on a friday night ; 27 June 1997 at 12 midnight. She was born at her grandparent's house.

Now, she grown-up into a teen. She loves to play videogames, fangirling over some damn handsome guy; One Direction and The Wanted, online 24/7, cry for no reason, and crush on any guy she meet *LOL*

She is not a really good in cooking (I'm sorry), and not a green thumb too and not really good in repairing some shit. #IfYouGotWhatIMean

She not a really good student but at least she try and never give up.

She also not really good to fall in love. Her love always not end great and that's why she always try to promise herself not to fall in love with any bad ass guy anymore.

This is about her. She is me. And I am who I am. Don't change me because I am happy with myself. Thank you.

The end.