How To Grab My Attention

A S S A L A M M U A L A I K U M :)

Hola Amigos. Sup bros? How's your day? My day is always like everyday..Hurmm..Bored~ So, today, my topic here is about 'how to grab my attention'. Haha. If you don't fucking know me, maybe you'll just leaving this as I know you don't even care. Haha. I'm just joking okay? ;) Don't leave me. Keep on reading..

As you know, or you don't even know, I am actually addicted to play video games. Haha. Sound stupid right? Yahh. IKR. I got Xbox 360 at my house and since the day I got this damn ... I am so addicted to play video games.

Okay, straight to da point. Macam mana nak tarik perhatian Tiqa? It's really easy dude. Talk about video games. And I'll talk to you 24/7. Haha. Yeah, I like sharing information about how to play this game, that game and so on. Tapi, I have to say, NOBODY at my school is a gamer. I am so disappointed about that. But, kalau ada pun, Tiqa maybe tak kenal dia and dia juga tak kenal Tiqa.

So, if you just meet me somewhere, maybe we can talk about video games to make our conversation stay still. Tak lah krik..krik..sangat. Haha. Maybe we can start our conversation like this:

You: Hello, Tiqa. How's your day? Tired playing games aren't you?
Me: Hola. Just fine. Haha. I can barely open my eyes as I'm not sleep last night.
You: What the fucking game you played last night?
Me: COD BO2. It's like a drug.
You: Hell ya. You should try this new game......
Me: Wow. I really look up for this game. How much you get that?
You: Not much. Just RM100++ (Most original games' price in Malaysia)

Okay. That's just for an example. And we will talk non-stop all day as you've done grab my attention. Haha.

But, never end our conversation like this.

You: What is your favorite game genre?
Me:  RPG, Horror and Action. 
You: Ohh. Okay. Goodbye!

Haha. Seriously? You want to end our conversation like that? I will never talk to you anymore next time we meet. Apakah? Macam tuttttt kot.

So, as conclusion, jangan talk about video game kalau kau cuma nak sedapkan hati Tiqa sahaja. We still can have a normal conversation like 'What you eat for today' and something like that. Tapi, don't ever talk about video games and end up with "Ohhh. Okay."

Faham tak? Senang cerita kalau tak tahu or tak nak cakap about video games, jangan cakap about tu. Okayy? So, I think I should end this entry for today. I gotta go. Adios Amigos.