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A S S A L A M M U A L A I K U M :)

Hai y'all. Apa khabar? Do you know what was the fucking thing happen to me today? Ahhh. I'm so happy today :) Firstly, hurmmmm, memang ada satu benda sahaja pun yang buat Tiqa happy hari ni. I saw Leeroy kat sekolah. And he glanced at me and he thought, I didn't realized it? Haha. Dear Akid a.k.a Leeroy, akak nampak okay? ;)

Bagi sesiapa yang tak tahu, Akid a.k.a tuh sebenarnya junior Tiqa. Haha, tapi tak salah kan kalau Tiqa kata Tiqa suka sangat tegok muka dia. Tiqa bukan suka dia tapi suka tengok dia. Hurmmmm..

Actually, Tiqa pun rasa macam ni kot perasaan sebenar Tiqa kat Tom dulu. Frankly, I didn't like him but I just like his attitude and part of him yang sweet, caring and kind. Tapi, mungkin perasaan tu tersalah tafsir. Hurmm, that's because now...Frankly, I didn't feel like this before when I meet him. Perasaan itu lebih kepada perasaan marah. Haha. I don't know why I feel like this.

Dear Tom, I'm genuinely sorry for the misunderstood I've caused you. And sorry, if I didn't reply your text as I don't have enough credit to reply your text message. Haha. And maybe we need spaces between us for a while. I need to breath and have my own time. I want kau yang dulu. Yang tak peduli pasal aku, yang hanya kawan aku. I don't want this FUCKING feeling change both of us. Okay? 

Sorry y'all yang terpaksa baca notis ni. Actually, I don't know how to tell him about this, so I put this note on my blog, hoping one day he will read this. 

Okay guys, I gotta go. Time is clocking away. Haha. Have a great day. xoxo