A S S A L A M M U A L A I K U M :D

Hai y'all. Apa khabar? I wanna tell you guys something. Y'all nak tahu tak, Rabu depan means 27/2 akan diadakan Talentime at my school. And In Syaa Allah my class will join. We gonna make two performance. Yeahhh ! Drama and maybe a choir :) I'll join the choir. And will be the lead of the choir. Haha. So happy meh right now. I'm not sure if Tiqa akan kekal jadi lead or someone else will be, but right now, let me enjoy my day :)

Actually, we all not sure lagi nak choir lagu apa. So, my suggestion, Tiqa nak lagu Uptown Girl. But, Yazid, the pianist says lagu tu tak sesuai bila dimainkan guna piano. And guess what, I'm a little bit disappointed  lah bila dengar but I don't care pun sekarang. I don't care if they nak choose lagu apa apa pun ;) So right now, the only saingan kelas Tiqa yang serious adalah kelas 3 Amal. Haha. They'll do a Phantom the Opera Drama. Okay, let see if they can defeat our Fruitcake Special Drama. Opsss :DD

Okay. Gotta go. I love y'all :* Thank you. And, tolong doakan kami agar boleh buat persembahan yang magnificent  and really WOW ! Amin :)